Crossing Borders: Pumas finding talent in USA’s Sueño Alianza tournament

Here are some interesting videos highlighting some young players that earned a professional contract to join Pumas cantera through the Sueño Alianza tournament in the United States.

The featured players are Milosz Fernandez, Javier Pena, who was highlighted on Pumas English earlier this year, and Julio Barragan who has been involved in Pumas youth system since 2016.

Fernandez’ case is somewhat confusing as the Alianza website shows him joining Atlas’ U-15 side in 2016, however, there is no Liga MX statistics or registration to back that up. On top of that, Fernandez is shown in a Pumas jersey back in January (alongside Pena and Barragan), but was not registered with the club.

Barragan actually traveled over 1,000 miles to try out in El Paso, Texas.

I’ll see what additional facts I can locate on these three, but thought I’d share. The videos are in Spanish.

Milosz Fernandez (Las Vegas, NV)

Javier Pena (San Antonio, Texas)

Julio Barragán (Mexico City)

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