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Pumas Goya Chant

Pumas’ Goya chant is one of the most recognizable sounds in Mexican soccer, yet few have any clue of its meaning or origins. Like its lyrics, its origins are also a bit bizarre.

Goya Theater.
Goya Theater.

According to legend, the chant gets its start back in the 1940’s on the university grounds. Luis Rodriguez, nicknamed “Palillo” for his thin appearance (palillo translates to stick), is credited for starting the famed chant as a way to identify other students. Some students weren’t as interested in studying or attending class as much as movies, and would skip classes to view movies in one of the three nearby theaters: Rio, Venus and Goya. When students wanted to go to the movies, they would shout out “Goya,” referring to the theater name.

At some point, the additional lyrics were added. It’s been said the “cachun, cachun, ra, ra” alluded that a girl had agreed to accompany the student to the movie. The words may not translate into a typical soccer fight song, but it sure sounds like one.

Regardless of the details, the “Goya” chant has a unique place in Mexican soccer. It’s explosive in person, and can be heard clearly on television during nearly every Pumas game… home or away.

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Pumas GOYA Lyrics: